Wednesday 14 December 2016

WonderfulWednesday: When Grandparents get it via @CatTrampoline

facebook image from Cat on a rampoline

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is a status update from Cat on a Trampoline's facebook page. I loved this.

We have been really fortunate that our whole family have been supportive with the kids various diagnoses.  Autism, ADHD, Hypermobility, anxiety etc, there has never been any question presented to us other than that of  'how can we help?' and this makes such a difference.

We have grandparents close by and far away and they all 'get it'.  Some may have more practice in being with the kids than others but if nothing else I know they read my blog as a way to keep up with the kids and what's worked and not with them.

"We've booked seats by the end so it's easier to get to, he can stand up and you can leave any time you like"

"We'll go in the other side, it's a bit quieter that way."

"We'll go when the weather's not great, it's less busy."

"It's OK, anything in here can be broken."

"We have the iPad."

And a word of warning for anyone judging the kids when they are out with their grandparents -  they are probably a lot less likely to apologise for your uneducated comments than I am!

It's a fantastic post - red the whole thing and/or comment on it here

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