Tuesday 27 December 2016

Baubles & Babbles: Modelling Communication

Today's baubles and babbles post is about modelling communication. David's default communication method is Makaton. But that means it's my default when talking to him and sometimes when talking to the other kids too. If he's going to use his Makaton he has to know how. I wouldn't expect Jane our two year old to speak if I never spoke to her - same for David and his signing.

If I'm asking David if he'd like a mince pie, I need to use signs just like he does when I'm asking the question. I'm looking directly at him, just like he should look at me. I'm talking and signing just like he should. And I'm using the language he needs to understand, reply and be able to request again. It also means if I'm using a sign either I don't know or is unfamiliar that I can introduce it for practice in a meaningful way. For mince pie, I signed 'sweet' and a mini pie 'crust' sign.

Whatever I'm using, I'm trying to do it myself and be consistent. Though I guess we might finish off the mince pies pretty quickly!

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