Wednesday 23 November 2016

WonderfulWednesday: @autisticnw and "What we love most about life"

From Autistic Not Weird

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is a short video from Chris Bonnello at Autistic Not Weird. It's a video of the colour proof of his book - 'What we love most about life' that was on the Autistic Not Weird Facebook page.

Except it's not really Chris' book as such.  Chris has created a fantastic book, a collation of responses to the question 'what do you love most about life' as asked to children on the autistic spectrum from across the globe. It's a celebration of these children and indeed all children on the autistic spectrum, highlighting their wonderful uniqueness and at the same time showing what they have in common.

Our kids love life.  There is little doubt about it.  Here's a glimpse into some of the things they love doing (ps. they aren't all on the autistic spectrum)
I'm delighted to have a copy of Chris' book sent on my behalf to a school / library etc and well as the copy I'll get for myself. I think is will be a fantastic read for all children. Those on the spectrum will feel connected and those who aren't may also connect with them. I'm really looking forward to receiving my copy.  You can still order one for yourself, school, child, sibling etc by getting in touch with Chris directly.

What a wonderful book.  Chris I wish you all the best with whatever endeavour you take next.

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