Wednesday 7 September 2016

WonderfulWednesday: A medal for Daisy, thanks to Parallel London

inclusive event sights at Olympic park

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is from Was This in the Plan? and is about Stephanie (a truly amazing woman) and Daisy (one of her four amazing children) taking part in a 5K run at the Olympic Park in East London.

As a mum, Stephanie tries to set a good example about keeping fit for her kids, and her biggest supporter in this is her daughter, Daisy.  Along with the new special needs jogging buggy, Daisy and her mum had a fantastic time taking part in the first ever Parallel London Festival, an 'all inclusive festival with races for everyone regardless of age or ability.'

I really got quite choked up reading about how Stephanie felt as she was running with her daughter, and honestly I think it's pretty impressive pushing a 34kg child in a heavy buggy round a 5K undulating course. Mostly though, the piece is about the joy it gave to Daisy too.  It also included a performance by Singing Hands , and we love them too!

Sometimes 'special' events give our kids the chance to experience something they might not get the chance to otherwise. Anthony came last in his inclusive swimming gala - but I have rarely been more proud of what he achieved that day in doing it. And while sometimes we can take Anthony out for regular activities others take for granted, we can't always take David on days out to places, like the aquarium for example because it's not always safe.

So if you get the chance, read this wonderful story from Was This is the Plan, A medal for Daisy - thanks to Parallel London.

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