Wednesday 10 August 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: When should I tell my child

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is not a new post but one that I think people will find useful. - when to tell a child they have autism.

Chris at Autistic Not Weird, is a former-teacher with Asperger Syndrome and wrote this article which I think covers a lot of the questions that people have about this process.  I think generally a lot of the principles would apply to telling kids or people anything really.

I've seen quite a few stories recently that reminded me of our post 'It's time to tell him'.  It was about realising that our son needed to know about his various conditions. We had a heart breaking moment where Anthony became very distraught with himself and said his brain wasn't working right. This highlighted to us that it was definitely time to tell him about autism, ADHD etc.

We worked through this and he has since truly accepted who he is. And that's wonderful.

 If you're interested, please head over to Chris's site and take a read.

Our blog - It's time to tell him


  1. I know I have this in the future. My boy has been sobbing this week if I say a word out of place in one of the set phrases I have to say to him (it's hard to explain. He speaks well but is very repetitive and has certain rituals he likes when it comes to speech - set questions and answers that he repeats) He has been absolutely sobbing and sobbing if I say a word wrong or forget exactly what to do/say. He seems so anxious and I don't know what to do for him - when I imagine him older, more aware and having those feelings; I know I will have to face something like this one day. I have no advice, because I am only 6 months into this and my boy is only 3. We have no support yet either. I hope that telling him helps your boy and that understanding his difference helps him deal with it. xxx #SpectrumSunday

    P.S Chris rocks :)

  2. Totally agree that Chris' blog is just amazing. He writes so clearly and sensibly and this post is a great example of that! #spectrumsunday

  3. A really interesting read! I agree, definitely when it is right for the individual. I know I have this day to come in the future, and to be honest I don't want to think too much about it at the moment. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday lovely, due to a laptop malfunction (spilt wine) it will be live later today, hope you join me xx


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