Tuesday 21 June 2016

Pinchy fingers with Apple & Pear Crumble helps learning to write

Cooking is a great way to develop listening and motor skills for all kids, not just those with autism.  Anthony made this Apple and Pear Crumble at his Kiddie Cook after school club.  It's an easy recipe that got him working without knowing it.

This recipe actually helps with lots of the skills you need for writing. Cutting up the pear, apple and butter all involve using bilateral motor skills - using both hands together, one to hold and one to cut. It's the same skill you need to develop in order to learn to hold your paper while you write.  Then the recipe involves pinching to crumble and mix the ingredients together.  This is great for helping to develop pincer grip and understanding pressure all helpful in developing a good pencil grip.

It all got a bit sticky at the end but that's great for sensory feedback - we often end up caught up having fun and water play when everyone has to clean their hands.

Why not give it a go?


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