Friday, 24 June 2016

It's not a good day to be a worrier.. and I'm a worrier

British flags, Big Ben BBC
BBC News - Brexit: What happens now?

I was shocked when I was woken by the news this morning. The UK has voted Leave.

Immediately my head started to spin.. what will this mean?  What will happen next. It's not a good day to be a worrier.. and I'm a worrier.

  • What will happen to interest rates?
  • What will happen to our mortgage?
  • Maybe we shouldn't get the bathroom done... maybe we'll need the money?
  • What will happen next time we go on holiday?
  • What if our leader goes... I don't see anyone else as a leader?  What will become of the country then?
  • What will it mean for my kids?
  • What will it mean for people with disabilities?
And possibly most worrying.. what does it say about the attitudes of people in the UK. Are we scared of foreigners, are we protectionist.. why don't we want to share?  I'm worried that we don't like people who are different... because my kids are different and I need them to have a society of acceptance not of fear of people who are different.

There is a lot of uncertainty. I'm a worrier.  It's not a good a day to be a worrier.  We need to regroup, we will need to be resilient and finally we need reassurance. 


  1. Another worrier too: I went through a similar set of questions:

    Will interest rates ever recover?
    Is it worth doing the work we have planned on our house?
    Will we get kicked out of France?
    Will anyone from the UK now holiday in France with a much worse exchange rate and likely further How can so few politicians create such a horrendous political mess?
    What will the future hold for my boys - brought up in France but UK citizens?

    Worry, worry, worry :(

    What will it mean for my kids?
    What will it mean for people with disabilities?

  2. Ooops - I appeared to have copied a bit of your post into my comment - sorry!


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