Friday 4 March 2016

Favourite Friday: Dear Health Minister, Please I don't want to lose my son

I have this secret fear.  It sits way in the back of my mind and only comes out when I hear things that make me shake.... and then I think, please, I don't want to lose my son.

It smacked me on the face when I was listening to Radio 5 Live on Monday. I was listening to a mother who is desperate to be part of the team that looks after her son with learning disabilities. Despite her borough doing everything it can, there is a shortage of facilities and services so her son is miles away in a care facility.  A facility that she has since discovered has abused him.

As I'm listening I feel my body temperature rise and it's as if my palms have been instantly covered in sweat.  Please, don't let this be the future for my son. Read the rest of this story on the original post.

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