Tuesday 22 March 2016

The slightest change is difficult

This morning started off like any other. In fact it was going quite well, everyone had was dressed, had breakfast and we're ready to go nearly five minutes early. As we all got into the car to go to school I smiled as the car clock revealed we were ahead of schedule. But it was not to be in any part of the school run.

As we approached the bottom of the road we entered a stream of near stationary traffic. Sometimes there is a bit of a queue up to the round about junction which is about another 100m down the road but today's was unpresidented. It took over 10 minutes to travel 100m. 

Parents who were able to walk to their school strolled passed us at a leisurely pace. Anthony was sat in the front and I began to explain to him that there was a problem with the traffic and we would be late getting to school. We are rarely late but sometimes if we are it's better to drop the children at their respective schools in a different order. Today was going to be one of those days.

Anyhony and his younger sister Jane are able to understand this. David is not.

As we pulled up near Anthony's school, David was deep in the iPad and seems ok as I carried him and walked with Anthony and Jane to the school reception. Anthony was only 3 minutes late so we'd actually done well given the traffic.  However, as we entered reception, David recognised where we were and began to shout and scream. He wanted to get down. We had once had to take David to a meeting at Anthony's school. While he was there he played with a train set. That's what he remembered about here and that's what he was after. 

Anthony was taken through to his class and Jane and I walked back to the car holding a licking and screaming David.  He calmed down once back in the car but when I dropped him at his school he didn't go in as his happy usual self and insisted on hanging around in the playground with one of the assistants. 

It's sometimes easy to forget when things are going ok that these small changes that are so easily absorbed by some of us are a difficulty for others. David has probably now got over his change to his day but it's hard to know just what affect it will have had on his mood and what that might mean for his learning. 

It's impossible to tell when things won't go as you plan and there really is only so much extra time you can allow for things being different. Hopefully as David's understanding approves he will be able to. Impressed when change is happening and that will give him some time to adjust. Exposure seems to be the way forward. After all, Anthony used to really struggle and now he takes it in his stride ... sometimes.  

Running late with autism


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