Wednesday 17 February 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: I'm the youngest, but I feel like the oldest

This week's #WonderfulWednesday share is an article from Ayshah on BBC Newsround called 'I'm the youngest but I feel like the oldest'.

Here a young lady talks about how she felt and what it was like being the younger sister to an older autistic brother. She talks about getting odd looks when she was younger and feeling like she grew up quickly. Mostly though I took away that she'd always be there for her brother no matter what.

Jane is only two and a half and already she's noticing the difference between her and her older brothers and what they are allowed to do. Despite this they are her brothers and she's desperate to play with them. It will be a challenge growing up with them, but then it's a challenge growing up for everyone.

Ayshah's article is on Newsround and what I love about this is its speaking to young people about autism.  I've found children are often very accepting of difference or diversity when given the chance.   Go have a read if you have the time.

This is part of my #WonderfulWednesday shares where I take a break and share a wonderful post, meme, quote etc from my last week online.

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BBC Newsround - Ayshah's article


  1. I think you're right, children are definitely more accepting. I'll pop over and have a read of the article, thanks for the recommendation.


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