Thursday 18 February 2016

Silly things you shouldn't do when your kids aren't there

We've been lucky enough to get a night off as a couple. This is no small thing when you have kids with additional needs. Two boys on the autistic spectrum and a toddler are hard work even for the experienced mum, but their grandparents have had training and can definitely cope for the evening.

But when you are only away for the night, it's a break but not one that's long enough to do things like you would without the kids.

It's nearly the end of dinner and here's what I've noticed so far on our night away.

1. I instinctively looked to see what was on CBeebies when I turned on the TV in our room
2. I kept looking for my bag, then remembered I had my wallet and keys in my coat
3. I looked for the special hair washing jug so I didn't get water in my eyes when I washed my hair in the bath
4. When we went for a walk I constantly took my hands out of pockets and then realised there was no hand to hold
5. I got way too excited at the prospect of there being both chicken nuggets and garlic bread available at the buffet bar

OK, some of these things are because the boys are on the autistic spectrum. They have sensory issues, have difficulty with hair washing, are very picky eaters and like to watch the same things on tv, but lots of kids like the same comforts.

What do you end up doing without the kids that you don't need to? 

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  1. that made me smile - hope you had a fab time, and didn't order the chicken nuggets after all :) #thelist


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